The information on this page is correct through June, 2021. Our membership rates and benefits for the 2021-2022 season (officially beginning August 1, 2021) are still TBD. Please check back with us later this summer.

Riverside Membership


Membership fees do not include fees for group or individual instruction, but allow you to enjoy those benefits. Thank you for being part of our club!

  • Temporary, single-session (two calendar months: e.g. Sep-Oct): $45.00

  • Annual (for periods ending July 31):

    • For period starting on or after August 1 and before November 1: $200.00

    • For period starting on or after November 1 and before Jan 1: $160.00

    • For period starting on or after January 1 and before March 1: $120.00

    • For period starting on or after March 1 and before May 1: $80.00

    • For period starting on or after May 1 and before July 31: same as temporary, single-session membership

Other membership requirements

Concurrent membership in USA Fencing is required for membership at Riverside (see below). For the purposes of Riverside membership, only the following types of USA Fencing memberships are acceptable:

      • Competitive, Non-competitive, Coach, Life, Life Installment

Membership Benefits:

  • Floor fees during open fencing are waived (normally $10.00/visit)

  • Use of club gear, including for outside tournaments (subject to availability)

  • Armoring services and lessons available (other fees may apply)

  • May register for classes offered at Riverside Fencing Club

    • NB: Membership is not required for the introductory course

  • May take private lessons with Riverside Fencing Club coaches

  • Get to be part of the Riverside community!

USA Fencing Membership

This section is for Riverside members who needs to RENEW their USA Fencing membership. Normally, this is done at the start of the season (the membership year runs from August 1 to July 31).

Concurrent membership in USA Fencing is required for all Riverside Fencing Club members.

To start the renewal process, click the blue button, below. See the documentation provided by USA Fencing for navigation.

Navigating Through Your Membership Profile.pdf


The best help with membership issues is available from the USA Fencing national office: (719) 866-4511. They are located in Colorado, so Mountain Time Zone.

USA Fencing Membership Types

Most members at Riverside will want the "non-competitive" or "competitive" type of membership.


    • Recommended if you are doing all of your fencing at the club and NOT attending outside competitions (most beginners and youth fencers);

    • Allows holder to participate in 1 (one) sanctioned competition per season.


  • Similar to non-competitive type;

  • Does not allow participation in outside tournaments;

  • Gives holder right to vote in USA Fencing elections (must be 18+ as of Feb 1 of the voting year)


    • Allows full participation in USA events;

    • Gives holder right to vote in USA Fencing elections (must be 18+ as of Feb 1 of the voting year);

    • Required for competitive fencers.

Collegiate Competitive

    • Not suitable for Riverside Fencing Club members

    • This is specifically for members who are members of a college club team that has registered with USA Fencing. Riverside is not a college club team.

Life or Life Installment

    • Lifetime competitive membership, paid in full in one payment or over 10 years (installment).

This is not a comprehensive list. For the definitive list of membership types offered by USA Fencing, please visit: