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Photo from Spring 2024. See text for current dates.

Introduction to Fencing

New to fencing? Start here! Our All-Ages Intro class welcomes fencers ages 10 years to adult. 

Registration for Spring 2024 has closed. We are currently working on the scheduling for future offerings.

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Yes, this is how we all see ourselves as fencers!


You loved the Intro course (of course you did)! Let's give you a foundation to build on! 

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Prerequisite: successful completion of the Intro to Fencing course, or equivalent experience and coach’s permission.

This course is a continuation of the Intro to Fencing course for those who wish to continue their training at Riverside.

Building on the excitement of the Intro course, this course’s goal is to give fencers a solid foundation of fundamental technical and tactical skills for further development. Fencers will gain the skills needed also to be good training/practice partners, a key foundation to learning at Riverside.

With coach permission, fencers in this course may simultaneously cross-register for the Youth or Senior (as appropriate for age) Group Epee classes.

Following the successful completion of this course:

Schedule (2023-2024)

Senior group class, 2023.

Group Classes

For youth and senior aged fencers. Competitive and recreational fencers all need a place to have fun, to learn, and to grow, and they need a community to do this with. This is where we build our community of fencers. 

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The goal of the group instructional classes is to teach the fencers a broad base of tactical and technical skills and concepts that they can build upon with further private training and practice. 

Fencers in this class have a wide range of skill and experience levels. This is the strength of the class, rather than a limitation: we foster a culture of mutual learning in the classes. These classes are designed to cater to both the developing competitive fencer and the recreational fencer. Having fun, learning, and honing one's competitive skill are complementary, not exclusionary! Students are grouped within classes by age, size, gender, or experience as appropriate.

Each group instructional class meeting consists of coach-led footwork and blade work segments, and includes time to practice the skills learned in class through fencing with classmates. 

Schedule (2023-2024, starts in Sep 2023)

Fees & Registration (2023-2024)

Riverside's Lisa WOLF (L) in action at the 2021 Summer National Championships in Philadelphia, PA.

Team Practices

For our competitive team members only. Practices focus on all aspects of competition, from physical conditioning to mental skills to advanced tactics and techniques. 

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Making the competitive team is about the level of commitment to improving, not necessarily one's current skill level. Competition offers a variety of experiences, challenges, and opportunities that are not reproducible in practice, so is an integral requirement to this experience. 

Team membership is not a prerequisite for competing, though competing is a requirement of Team membership.

The commitment we ask for is two-fold:

In an individual sport like fencing, the concept of "team" is not always obvious, simple, or easy. In the end, improvement is rarely the result of individual effort alone.

Participation on the Team is by coach invitation only.

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Open Fencing

One of the great ways to learn is to learn through playing! Come and fence with others, connect with your friends, make new friends, and have fun! Current USA Fencing membership required. (Click to expand.)

Schedule (2023-2024)

Fees and Registration

Floor fees for guests are $10.00 per visit, and include use of Club gear. Floor fees for members are waived.

No registration is necessary for open fencing come "drop-in" and fence!