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Welcome to the 2022-2023 season!

Get vaccinated. Get boosted. Have fun!


Nov 28, 2022: Youth Group Class canceled

Youth Group Class is canceled for today, Monday 11/28/2022.

Please consider attending Wed or Sat class this week.

Nov 26, 2022: Intro Courses Winter & Spring 2023

The Jan-Feb 2023 and Mar-Apr 2023 Introductory Fencing Courses will be:

  • Jan-Feb 2023:

    • Tuesdays starting Jan 17, 2023 (all ages);

  • Mar-Apr 2023:

    • Tuesdays starting Mar 7, 2023 (all ages);

    • Fridays starting Mar 3, 2023 (ages 15 to adult);

Please see Classes Page for full details;

Sep 14, 2022: COVID-19 Era Policies and Procedures and Arrival Health Screen documents updated

Summary of changes:

  • Risk mitigation policies updated bring into closer alignment with current CDC guidelines;

    • Now possible to "cut short" the time when one must test after known infection or symptoms through timely testing;

    • How long one is considered a COVID-19 risk due to known infection, symptoms, or exposure updated to align with CDC guidelines;

    • Improved clarity for determining risk start dates in the cases of multi-day exposures, especially within a household.

  • Arrival health screen now outlines situations, rather than having just the questions (this forces the parties to understand exactly what they are really asking about).

Aug 26, 2022: Flexibility Fund Started

We have started a community-based financial assistance fund within Riverside Fencing Club designed to afford our members a bit more flexibility in pursuing fencing by leveraging the collective financial strength of our membership. It is available to full members of the club, and is funded by membership dues and optional donations. Members may use the funds for subsidizing instructional expenses (some classes and private lessons) at the club.

Full details are here.

We keep up to five recent announcements posted here. Older announcements or announcements that are no longer relevant may be removed. All past announcements will be kept in our Announcements archive.

COVID-19 Era Policies and Procedures.pdf
COVID-19 Era Arrival Health Screen.pdf

Emergency and Weather-related Closures

In case of inclement weather, or other emergency:

We will do our best to put notices out by 1:00 PM on the day of a class at the latest, or at least 1.5 hours prior to the start of class in the case of classes that start earlier in the day.

If there is no notice, you may assume that the club will be open.

Note: we are not tied to school or other closures. If schools are closed for weather, we may still be open the same day.

Even if the club is open, in the case of inclement weather, decisions about whether to open the club or not are based on conditions near the club. Please use your own best judgment as to whether it is safe for you to travel between the club and your home.