Please scroll down for more information about how our class sessions are structured and for session dates.

Calendar Structure

Our annual calendar runs officially from August 1 to July 31, and is comprised of a summer session (reduced offerings; we are normally inactive during July) and five sessions (full offerings). The full sessions are nominally two months, or ~7-9 weeks in total, accounting for holidays.

Sessions in General

Summer Session

Mid-August to about Labor Day.

We are closed for summer break from late June through mid-August.

Sep-Oct Session

We start AFTER Labor Day.

We normally close on Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples Day.

Nov-Dec Session

We are normally closed Thanksgiving week, and for about 2 weeks around Christmas and New Year.

Jan-Feb Session

We normally remain open during the school vacation week in February.

Mar-Apr Session

We normally remain open during the school vacation week in April.

May-Jun Session

We are normally closed over Memorial Day weekend.

This session ends usually about the 25th of June, at which time we go on summer break.

2020-2021 Session Dates

These dates are tentative.

Please see calendar, above, for specific dates and class offerings, early closings, closings.

Summer 2020

Aug 17 - Sep 12, 2020

Sep-Oct 2020

Sep 14 - Oct 31, 2020

Nov-Dec 2020

Nov 2 - Dec 19, 2020

Jan-Feb 2021

Jan 4 - Feb 27, 2021

Mar-Apr 2021

Mar 1 - May 1, 2021

May-Jun 2021

May 3 - Jun 30, 2021