Competitive Team

The Riverside competitive Team is by coach invitation only, and is open to Riverside members who are aged 13 to adult.

The Competitive Team has both individual and group goals. The individual goals are to foster competitive development of the fencer, regardless of their current level of competition (local, regional, national, or international). The group goals are to foster a community that can push each other to greater success, and to support each other throughout the inevitable ups and downs that accompany pushing against one's limits. Both goals require a commitment to both the process of improvement and the level of effort exerted toward that process.

Team expectations:

  • Attend all regularly scheduled Team practices (once, sometimes twice weekly);

  • Attend other group classes or open fencing sessions to bring the total number of fencing days to 2 to 4 per week;

  • Take at least one weekly private lesson;

  • Work with coaches to devise competition schedules and goals appropriate for the fencer;

  • Compete in tournaments outside of the club and to share experiences with the team;

  • Own their own full set of fencing gear (club gear will still be available for use, as needed) and to use it whenever fencing;

  • Learn to armor and maintain own gear;


  • Team Practice (expected to run year-long):

    • Thu 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM;

    • Starting Jan 2023, the first 30 minutes of practice will overlap with the new Skills & Drills class. Participation in the class (at least from 6:00 PM) is expected of team members, as this is part of the regular team practice.

Membership Requirements

See for more details about membership.

  • Members must have Full Riverside Fencing Club membership to enroll in this class;

  • Members must have concurrent USA Fencing "access" or "competitive" (or equivalent) membership;

Fees: $405.00 (individual); $290.00 (family discount applied)

Please note that the membership fees are separate from the team fees.

Team rates are flat rates per session, and include 1x weekly lesson. Additional lessons are available at additional cost ($25.00/lesson). Exception: the Nov-Dec flat rate is reduced to $350.00 (individual)/$250.00 (family discount applied) because that session is shorter.

Families that have two or more fencers enrolled in concurrent classes will pay the full price of the highest cost class; discounted rates will apply to subsequent classes.


Registration for Group Classes is done through email directly to existing members.