Upcoming Tournaments

Upcoming Tournaments

Some tournaments that may be of particular interest to Riverside members have been added to the calendar below. Any events on that calendar can be found on the sites linked below.

USA Fencing Events site: https://www.usafencing.org/all-events. This is the authoritative source for information about international, national, and regional tournaments. All of the events listed on the USA Fencing site are sanctioned events. Registration for Regional and National events is normally done through your USA Fencing online membership profile.

askFRED: https://www.askfred.net. The original site for online tournament registration and results, this service predates the USA Fencing site by several years. It remains the best source for finding local (sanctioned and unsanctioned) events, clinics, and camps. Because of its enormous popularity, some regional events are also cross-listed here, though the official site for regional events is the USA Fencing site. (FRED stands for Fencing Results and Events Database. ) 

The askFRED link provided here is set to filter to epee events only that are within 100 miles of Riverside Fencing Club.

Click calendar events to see more detailed information. We make an effort to include the registration/information links for the events from askFRED or the USA Fencing events site. This calendar is maintained by Riverside Fencing Club. It includes national tournaments, tournaments hosted in Region 3 (our region), and local tournaments within 100 miles of our club location.