Introductory Course Details

Introductory Course Structure

The introductory course actually consists of four differently themed classes:

  1. Introduction/basic movement;

    • Includes safety, movement basics, game flow, etiquette. Class uses foam noodles in place of epees.

  2. Attacking & Escaping;

    • Includes introduction to real epees, technical practice with epees, tactical footwork. Defense limited to escaping the attacks.

  3. Defending with Parry-Riposte;

    • Technical practice defending (parry) and attacking after the defense (riposte), tactical footwork.

  4. Putting it All Together.

    • Technical and tactical practice with attacking and defending;

    • Use of full electric scoring;

    • Introduction to officiating.

In a seven-meeting course, the topics are covered in the above order for the first four classes, and then days 2-4 are repeated as days 5-7. The repeating structure allows for deeper understanding and mastery of the presented material. (These classes cover a LOT of material; this format is in response to feedback from prior participants.)