Bouting and Lessons

Private Lessons

Private lessons are $20.00 each and are scheduled for 20 minutes each. Coaches are not obliged to give a full lesson if the fencer is tardy for their lesson. In the COVID-19 era, lessons are available only in the open fencing class (see below).

USA Fencing membership is required for any private lessons. Riverside Fencing Club members have priority for lessons with coaches over non-members.

Bouting and Lessons

This "class" (formerly called the "Open Fencing Class") has been created to allow a structured class that fits into our COVID-19 era reopening plan for those fencers who rely primarily on open fencing and private lessons for training. Participation in this class is by coach invitation only.

The schedule for this class varies, largely working off of the availability of the fencers in the class.

This class attempts to mimic the feel of open fencing. Most of the instruction is in the form of private lessons. Lessons are scheduled directly with the coach.


  • By Coach invitation only.

  • Riverside Fencing Club membership required.

Scheduled Class Meetings: (effective Jan 2021)

  • Mon 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

  • Fri 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Class Fees:

  • $20.00 per private lesson; charged only if student takes private lesson.